Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.

There are many ways promote and publicize your event on and off campus. You can submit information about your event to campus digital services, create posters and fliers, utilize the campus radio stations and the student newspaper, just to name a few.

For a comprehensive list of ways to advertise your event check out the Word Out Marketing Guide.

When creating your promotional materials, follow the Humboldt Brand guidelines and use the official Humboldt logos.

To allow participants with disabilities to contact you with ample time to make the required accommodations, include the following language in your advertising materials:

"Persons who wish to request disability-related accommodations should contact the [event organizer] at [organizer’s phone #] or [organizer’s email] as soon as possible. Some accommodations may take up to several weeks to arrange."

If you are not versed in graphic design, considering employing Humboldt Marketing & Communications Creative Services team to help you develop the right materials to promote your event. You can contact the Marketing & Communications department (located on the second floor of Nelson Hall West) at (707) 826-3321 or

If you plan to post fliers on campus, make sure to stop by the University Center Information Desk (located on the first floor the University Center building). All fliers posted on campus must be approved and stamped by the Information Desk staff before they can be displayed.

  • Humboldt groups and organizations are permitted up to 50 fliers per event.
  • Non-Humboldt groups and organizations are permitted up to 20 fliers per event.

Fliers posted in Residence Life areas require additional approval from the Housing Info Desk. For more information on promoting events in Housing areas visit the Publicity section of the the ResLife & You Handbook.