Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.

Cal Poly Humboldt (University) seeks to respond to community needs and the needs of the general public by sharing its resources and facilities for purposes that promote the mission and values of the University when it is mutually beneficial and when not needed for University programs and its activities. Organizations without University affiliation may use Cal Poly Humboldt facilities for charitable, civic, community, cultural, or educational activities which are operated on a not-for-profit basis.  Events for profit are not typically within University policy unless they are of a fundraising nature for the University. The scheduling or use of University facilities or property by individuals for personal or private events is not permitted either for profit or nonprofit purposes. University facilities shall not be allowed for political fundraising activities or for personal or private gain. The VP of Administrative Affairs has the authority to decide whether a proposed use of University facilities is in accordance with the mission of the University and to approve any exceptions.

The availability of campus facilities for use by organizations without University affiliation shall be subject to the needs and the convenience of the University. In the event of conflicting demands for use of facilities by organizations without University affiliation, scheduling priority shall be given to those activities that further the purposes and are in the best interest of the University.