Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.

Cal Poly Humboldt has two policies regarding animals on campus, each of them tailored to a specific group. These policies are as follows:

Additional questions regarding service animals are answered by the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division FAQs about Service Animals and the ADA document.

If after reviewing the above documents, you have more questions, contact the Risk Management & Safety Services office (located in Student & Business Services Building, room 311) at (707) 826-3512.

Animals (Wildlife)

Since we live in a rural area with a community forest as our backyard, seeing wildlife on campus is not an uncommon occurrence. Raccoons, deer, foxes, and other such animals are regularly seen on campus. While none of these animals pose a threat to humans, any wild animal can be potentially dangerous and should be avoided. So as to not attract unnecessary wildlife presence around the residence halls, please dispose of trash in designated areas and check to make certain trash can lids are closed tightly.

If animals are demonstrating unusual behavior or being aggressive without provocation, call UPD at 911 immediately.

Wildlife Safety Tips

  • Keep your distance. Animals like having their own space and can become aggressive when they are cornered. These are living creatures that have a will of their own, and the possibility of disease or injury can make an animal very unpredictable.
  • Do not touch. These are wild animals. They might look cute, but they also have teeth.
  • Do not feed. Most human food is not healthy for wild animals to digest. In addition, feeding them causes them to become dependent on humans for food rather than hunting or foraging for themselves.
  • Do not take them home with you. These are wild animals and should remain in the wild.
  • Do not harass or throw things at wildlife. 

Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are very shy creatures and are rarely seen. However, they have been spotted in the community forest on occasion and in the woods behind the Canyon. Should you have an encounter with a mountain lion, DO NOT turn and run away. Give the animal its space, shout or yell at it, this will likely cause it to move along on its way. Be sure to contact UPD if you have an encounter or spot a mountain lion on campus.