Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.

As the University continues to support our local youth and community partnerships, schools and non-profit youth groups, facility fees charged for the use of University facilities may be reduced.  Direct costs including facilities labor and services, event staff, hosting, equipment, and administration fee shall not be waived for external users.  

 50% facility fee discounts may be granted to the following groups or organizations:

  • Intergovernmental Cooperation;
  • Agency is a local approved 501(c)(3) non‐profit youth group/organization, school/college;
  • Provide University Benefit (includes approved University Sponsored/Hosted Events and those events that are related to academic teaching and research).

Each local non-profit youth group or school may be granted 50% facility fee waivers for up to five (5) uses  per academic year (July 1-June 30), subject to space availability and staffing resources. (A use is defined as total combined spaces on one day. If a facility (or facilities) is reserved for multiple days, each day would be considered one use.)

Any applicant requesting consideration of the reduced fees must submit their application for facility use, verification of non-profit status, along with to Conference & Event Services (CES) at at least 90 days prior to the event date(s). Applications will be accepted beginning May 1st for each upcoming academic year and be considered in the order in which they are received.

An exception to the 90 day submission date and maximum number of uses may be granted for special events that provide a special opportunity for students to engage, perform or compete on the campus such as championship or play-off games. 

All fee waiver requests for use of University facilities will be routed to the VP of Enrollment Management & Student Success for review and recommendation. After review by VP of Enrollment Management & Student Success, the request for fee waiver will be forwarded to the VP of Administrative Affairs for final review for approval or denial of the request. Once CES receives confirmation of any reduced fees, they will notify the event contact.

The University, through the President and/or his designee, reserves the right to decide which activity may or may not be held on campus, as well as the right to reduce or waive the listed charges.