Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.

Billing rates as set forth on the Facilities Charges schedule (Appendix A), have been calculated for most frequently used facilities. These rates are for single uses and based on 4-hour incremental usage and encompass utilities, custodial, grounds, start-up costs as applicable, and a facilities rental charge. Additional charges required by campus policy or the event requestor will be billed in addition to these rates including but not limited to: personnel, police and parking services, custodial services, technical services, equipment and other types of assistance as needed for the particular event. 

A. INTERNAL UNIVERSITY USERS use of facilities that support the university mission, including co-curricular learning experiences for Cal Poly Humboldt students, will generally not incur a facility fee. See Category A in Appendix A. The department will be responsible for additional direct costs above and beyond baseline services as well additional equipment, services, or labor as required by the facility or requested by the user. Internal users will only be billed for facility use charges & direct costs that total $100 or more combined per event. This includes overtime to support events hosted not during building open hours. 

Self Support & auxiliary users have Business Service Agreements with the University in which they reimburse the University for facility costs incurred for their use of state space.

Institutional events – facility use charges are waived, both direct and indirect costs; however, every effort shall be made to limit excessive use of or burden on University resources, labor, and equipment for these events: 

  • Orientation and week of welcome activities 

  • Campus-wide preview and recruitment events approved by the University 

  • Campus-wide commencement events 

  • Homecoming 

  • Sanctioned NCAA athletic games 

B. UNIVERSITY HOSTED/SPONSORED EVENTS - University Hosted/Sponsored Events (those events being hosted by Internal Users in coordination with external groups as part of recruitment or community engagement and/or collaboration efforts) will be granted a 50% reduction of facility fees with a completed and approved University Hosting Agreement. See Category B in Appendix A.Charges may occur for any additional equipment, services, or labor as required by the facility or requested by the user. 

Campus sponsorship facility fee reduction greater than 50% may be granted only in exceptional circumstances and on a limited basis. All requests for exception require a Request for Further Reduction of Facility Use Fees approved from the Dean of the College, VP or Administrator that demonstrates significant benefit to the University. Financial need is insufficient as a sole reason for exception. The request should be submitted to Conference & Events Services (CES) at who will route the request to the VP of Administrative Affairs for approval. 

C. EXTERNAL USERS - Facility fees apply in full. See Category C in Appendix A. 

Members of the community wishing to utilize the university facilities are required to pay the established rate(s) which include reimbursement for all costs associated with such use. Additional charges may also apply such as: labor, parking, custodial, utilities, services, maintenance and repairs, equipment charges, support/technical staff, etc. as required by the facility or requested by the user.


Facility Fee Waiver Form