Campus Hosted + Sponsored Events

CAMPUS HOSTED/SPONSORED EVENTS consist of events that are being hosted by Internal Users in coordination with external groups as part of recruitment or community engagement and/or collaboration efforts. Although the University maintains a relationship with the community or outside organization, hosted events are not University events. The University may derive some benefit from holding the event on campus or from affiliation with the organization associated with the event, but the organization, and not the University, is primarily responsible for determining the content, agenda, logistical arrangements, and costs for the event.

University sponsored events must comply with the following:

  • Event has been approved by the appropriate Vice President or by the Dean of the college having jurisdiction over the sponsoring unit, or by another authorized official. 

  • Department is required to complete a University Hosting Agreement.

  • These events require a facility lease contract and event liability insurance

  • If the external organization/association doesn’t pay their invoice (if applicable), the hosting department is therefore responsible for any outstanding payments.

Examples of University hosted/sponsored events include departments hosting conferences for “academic society”,  hosting youth camps such as Sticks & Lacrosse, and NAS youth volleyball camp in partnership with MCC.

**CO-SPONSORED EVENTS are not permitted and will be considered external events.**

Planning Steps

Designated Campus Host Responsibilities: 
  • Must be present and available during the event in its entirety. (This person would be responsible for any others that are then assuming this role during the event.)

  • Point of Contact (POC) for any questions or issues that arise during the event (including planning and follow up post-event); person designated to call for additional campus support in case of emergency such as UPD, FM, etc. This includes providing a phone number for contact in case of emergencies with a guaranteed response time of no less than 20 minutes.

  • Identifying space needs and submitting requests to CES using the Campus Hosted/Sponsored Worksheet CES will then submit the 25 Live Reservations on your behalf. Prior to any advertising or publicity of such event, you must receive approval and confirmation of requested space use from CES.

  • Working with CES on external lease agreement; application, quote and final agreement in place, if applicable.

  • Coordinating and overseeing that space is set up to requestors needs.

  • Ensuring facilities are open and available during the event; requesting keycards for access at least 5 working days prior to event if needed and that space is secured at the end of reserved time.

  • Ensuring use is limited to reserved time.

  • Coordinating any other special needs or requests for the event such as audio/visual equipment, ensuring personnel operating equipment receives appropriate training to operate (hy-flex, etc).

  • Overseeing that campus policies and procedures are being appropriately adhered to for the facility use at all times.

  • Ensuring that requirements for any overnight events in housing are met.

  • If hosting Minors under the age of 18 that are not matriculated Students, please contact Risk Management for more information.