Below is a list of the campus policies & guidelines that all event coordinators and participants are required to follow.

All events on campus should also follow the Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy.


University provides basic, smart technology instructional media equipment such as LED monitors, LCD projectors, screens, and computers with audio capabilities in many spaces. Additional audio-visual items are available at extra cost. University reserves the right, at its discretion, to require an A/V tech at the customer’s expense if the event necessitates one. Complex events requiring A/V support will be charged the hourly rate for the support staff (2 hour minimum). Requests for A/V equipment or personnel must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Late requests may not be accommodated and/or may result in additional charges.


Facilities Management (FM) provides basic custodial cleaning services in both the public and private access areas of our facilities. The User is responsible for reasonable cleanup of the facility after use of food, beverages, and/ or other materials. Cost recovery for excessive cleaning may be assessed if the facility and/ or its contents are left in a manner other than how it was provided to the User. Users shall also reimburse University for any and all costs to repair any damage to the University venue, property or equipment arising out of or connected with the facility use.


University users are required to provide notification of event cancellation that requires additional services or custom layout to Conference & Event Services no less than two (2) business days in advance.  If notification of cancellation is not received two business days prior, or room was not used as scheduled and was not properly canceled, a Late Cancellation Fee of $50 may be applied, with no consultation required. Costs for which services have already been provided at time of cancellation request, e.g. equipment set up in reserved space, will be charged. Exceptions may be made in cases of poor weather, or emergency situations.


The scheduling of resources needed to support successful events often begins well before the actual event and is based on information provided to Conference & Event Services (CES) and Facilities Management (FM) by the User. Last minute changes often require changes to staffing levels, scheduled work hours, workflow, work assignments, or building systems programming. These changes require additional coordination outside of normal procedures to make sure all information is passed on to appropriate staff. Therefore, it is important that any changes to an existing reservation be communicated to CES staff with a minimum two (2) business days before the event. Changes to existing reservations will be accommodated based on staffing and resources available.


All requests for additional tables and chairs, special set up and take down, audio visual equipment (PA systems, microphones, projectors, etc.), staging, and any other equipment must be requested through the 25Live event submission at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. University events with large setups or those requiring extensive audio visual equipment may require a meeting with Information Technology Services (ITS) to confirm event logistics and needs.


Staff may be required to support any event hosted on campus. This includes audio-visual, operations, event coordination, space access and/or event support staff. Due to the nature and complexity of an event, or if required based on the facility, staff may be required as an additional labor cost to the User and dependent upon availability. 

Requests for use of the Lumberjack Arena, Redwood Bowl, and music/theatre facilities may require the services and availability of event and/or technical staff. These requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event date to arrange for appropriate staffing and are based upon availability.

The JVD requires trained staff in the operation of equipment, lighting, audio visual and acoustical enhancements. Therefore, any use of the space will also require the availability of a trained auditorium technician (as approved by the Theatre Director or Conference & Event Services).


University, in consultation with the University Police Department ( UPD), reserves the right to require Community Service Officers and/ or private security for events dependent on factors such as: nature of event, duration of event, expected attendance, and/ or presence of alcohol. User is responsible for all direct staffing costs associated with the use of security. Users may make separate arrangements for security, pending UPD approval. 


University offers an array of rooms that provide some fixed and some flexible set-up configurations, based on code compliance and equipment inventory. Classrooms are reserved “as is”, with existing furniture and layouts. Moving furniture to or from classrooms to accommodate event activities is not permitted. Users will not be charged for a standard room set up.

CES Set Up Configurations


Refuse & Recycling Shop - Refuse/Recycling employees will deliver and pick up during the normal 5-day work period one set of Trash/Recycling/Landfill bins per 100 people at HM500 campus events expected to generate waste as a baseline service. Any additional services needed, including mid-event bin services or extra bins or time spent outside their normal work period, will be billable at the hourly overtime rate for refuse/recycling employees.

Grounds Shop - Grounds employees will ensure the outdoor space is in its intended state and ready for use as designed. This includes drawing lines on fields for sports groups, normal trash pickup, normal leaf blowing, irrigation alterations to fit event schedules during the normal work period for the shop. Any additional services needed before, during, or after events, including service outside normal work periods, exorbitant trash pickup, power washing, extra leaf pickup, greenery trimming that would not normally be completed as part of our normal service level will be billable at the hourly overtime rate for grounds employees.

Custodial Shop - Custodial employees will ensure that indoor spaces are in their intended state, stocked with paper products and soap, and ready for use as designed during the normal custodial work period. Baseline services also include one (1) custodian to support indoor sanitation needs during an event during normal work period. If events are deemed large enough to warrant more than one custodian on staff during the event (multiple venues, or extreme sanitation needs), or services are requested outside of a custodial work period, additional services will be billed at the hourly overtime rate for custodial employees. 

Distribution Shop - Tables, chairs, and other requested furniture/equipment will be delivered on racks prior to the event and picked up after events during the normal workday as baseline services. If events require delivery outside of the normal workday (M-F 8am-4:30pm) or if they require setup or breakdown of equipment/furniture by FM staff, this is deemed above baseline and will be billed at the hourly overtime rate for distribution workers.