Campus Event Planning

Drop-in Zoom Room

 Drop-In Zoom Session

If you need assistance or training with making a room reservation or submitting your event request, feel free to drop in. 

Drop-in sessions are canceled for the Summer session and will resume in mid-August with new dates/hours.

Feel free to email or call (707) 826-5981 if you have questions.

Still need help? Check out the 25Live support page. 

25Live Support

Room Reservations

Request your space through 25Live.

New to 25Live? Reach out to Conference & Event Services to schedule a training session, or check out the 25Live help site for helpful guides and tips.

 *Event space reservations should be submitted no less than 2 weeks/ 10 business days in advance

How to Event 

Need help deciding which room to reserve?
Check out the reservable room list below. 

Reservable Rooms by Category 

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