Community Event Planning

Cal Poly Humboldt seeks to respond to community needs and the needs of the general public by sharing its resources and facilities for purposes that promote the mission and values of the University when it is mutually beneficial and when not needed for University programs and its activities. Organizations without University affiliation may use Cal Poly Humboldt facilities for charitable, civic, community, cultural, or educational activities which are operated on a not-for-profit basis. University facilities shall not be allowed for political fundraising activities or for personal or private gain.

The availability of campus facilities for use by organizations without University affiliation shall be subject to the needs and the convenience of the University. In the event of conflicting demands for use of facilities by organizations without University affiliation, scheduling priority shall be given to those activities that further the purposes and are in the best interest of the University.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

BSS Lecture Room (166)

Large Classroom; Max Capacity 80 Lecture Hall with fixed tiered tables and moveable seating.

Natural Resources Lecture Room (101)

Large Classroom: Max capacity: 96 Lecture Hall with fixed-tiered desk seating

Science B Lecture Room (133)

Large Classroom; Max capacity: 85 Lecture Hall with fixed tiered desk seating

Siemens Hall Classroom (108)

Large Classroom; Max capacity: 92 Lecture Room with fixed-tiered desk seating

Nelson Hall East Conference Room (119)

Small Conference Room; Max Capacity 10

Goodwin Forum (NHE 102)

Large Conference Room Max capacity: 150

Green and Gold Room (FH_166)

Large Conference Room; Max capacity: 175

Library "Fishbowl" (LIB 209)

Medium Conference Room; Max capacity: 60

Nelson Hall East Room 106 (NHE 106)

Small Conference Room; Max capacity: 25

Great Hall (CCC_260)

Large Conference Room; Max capacity: 280 Residence Hall Lounge for the College Creek Complex

Nelson Hall Conference Room (120)

Small Conference Room; Max Capacity 12

Founders Hall (125)

Small Classroom; Max Capacity 150 Lecture Room with fixed tiered auditorium style seating

SAC Banquet Room

Max Capacity: 50

Performing Arts Facilities

Theater with stage and fixed seating

Fulkerson Recital Hall

Medium-sized Theater; Max capacity: 227

Black box theater with tiered seating

Gist Hall Theater

Small Theater; Max capacity: 128

Large performing arts theater

John Van Duzer Theatre (JVD)

Large Theater; Max capacity: 732

Open round lecture hall

Native American Forum

Max capacity: 128

Small black box theater

Studio Theater

Theatre laboratory & Classroom; Max capacity: 100

Outdoor Fields & Facilities

Turf soccer field with College Creek Residence Halls behind it

College Creek Soccer Field


Aerial picture of redwood bowl at Cal Poly Humboldt

Redwood Bowl

Indoor Athletic Facilities

Forbes Gym - East Gym

Lumberjack Basketball Arena

Swimming Pool


Turf Field

West Gym

Dance Studios/Warm Up Area

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center

The Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center is managed by University Advancement. It is not available for private rental agreements but campus departments, student clubs or organizations, campus affiliates, and community non-profit organizations are encouraged to inquire about the use of this space. Community non-profits will be allowed to use the facility once per academic year based on availability. There are no fees associated with the use of the space for the groups mentioned. For more information, please contact the HBAC building coordinator at 707-826-5100 or

Additional Information

Insurance Requirements

For information about the required insurance levels please see this page: Insurance Requirements 


For your event Cal Poly Humboldt does not have preferred vendors you are required to use however for your convenience we have an excellent catering company on campus who are prepared to fullfill your catering needs. For more information check out Humboldt Catering or contact Morgan McEvoy at (707) 826-4001,


Parking meters and parking fees must be paid Monday-Thursday 7:00 am - 10:00 pm and Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, every week (52 weeks) of the year. Parking fees are not required Fridays after 5:00 pm or on Saturdays and Sundays

If you would like to purchase a parking code for your attendees to cover the cost of parking during your event please let your Cal Poly Humboldt Event Coordinator know and it can be added to your final billing invoice.  

For more information about parking on campus please visit the Parking Page


The University provides basic, smart technology instructional media equipment such as LED monitors, LCD projectors, screens, and computers with audio capabilities in many spaces. Additional audio-visual items are available at extra cost. University reserves the right, at its discretion, to require an A/V tech at the customer’s expense if the event necessitates one. Complex events requiring A/V support will be charged the hourly rate for the support staff (2 hour minimum). Requests for A/V equipment or personnel must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Late requests may not be accommodated and/or may result in additional charges.


University offers an array of rooms that provide some fixed and some flexible set-up configurations, based on code compliance and equipment inventory. Classrooms are reserved “as is”, with existing furniture and layouts. Moving furniture to or from classrooms to accommodate event activities is not permitted. Users will not be charged for a standard room set up.


Staff may be required to support any event hosted on campus. This includes audio-visual, operations, event coordination, space access and/or event support staff. Due to the nature and complexity of an event, or if required based on the facility, staff may be required as an additional labor cost to the User. 

Requests for use of the Lumberjack Arena, Redwood Bowl, and music/theatre facilities may require the services and availability of event and/or technical staff.

The JVD requires trained staff in the operation of equipment, lighting, audio visual and acoustical enhancements. Therefore, any use of the space will also require the availability of a trained auditorium technician (as approved by the Theatre Director or CES).

Event Steps

  1. Complete the facility rental application and send it to

  2. Please allow up to (2) business days for a CES team member to respond to an application. CES team members may reach out if more information is needed to develop an event quote.

  3. If facilities and resources are available for requested use, a facilities lease/ rental agreement will be prepared with facility use charges quoted. The agreement will be valid and space tentatively be held for up to 2 weeks or up to 96 hours prior to the event, whichever is shorter.

  4. Once a signed lease is returned to, along with required COI/ insurance information, a fully executed agreement will be prepared and a copy provided to the lessee.

  5. The agreement will be billed following the event. Payment in full is due within 30 days.

For questions email or call 707-826-5981.

Please allow 48 hours for a return response regarding your request.

Not sure where to start?

Fill out our Inquiry Form and a team member will get you started.

Inquiry Form

Base Rate Facility PricingHalf Day Rate (0-4 hours)Full Day Rate (4+ hours)
Small Classroom (15-50)$75$150
Large Classroom (60-160)$175$350
Small Conference Room (5-50)$75$150
Medium Conference Room (50-125))$175$150
Large Conference Room (150-280)$300$600
SAC Banquet Room$75$150
Gist Hall Theater (128)$250$500
Fulkerson Recital Hall (227)$250$500
John Van Duzer Theatre (JVD) (750)$500$1000
JVD Load in/load out/rehearsal days (NO SHOW/GUESTS)$200$400
COURTYARDS AND QUADSLobbies, Galleries and Foyers$260$520
Quads, Plazas and Courtyards$490$680
College Creek Soccer Field (Turf)$350$700
Redwood Bowl (turf)$1000$2000
Redwood Bowl Track$250$500
Forbes Gym - East Gym$500$1000
West Gym (no bleachers)$500$1000
Lumberjack Arena$1250$2500
Swimming Pool$500$1000
Dance Studios$150$300
Fieldhouse (turf)$700$1400

Costs not included in the Base Rate Pricing

What does the base rate pricing not include?

COSTS ABOVE BASELINE SERVICES may be applicable subject to the requirements of the specific event. These costs may include, but not limited to labor, equipment, and services, as required by the facility or requested by the user:

  • Custom Set Up:  Deviates from standard set up or a modified version of a standard set

  • Additional support labor (e.g. assistance with setting up rented furniture items ex. tables & chairs, tents)

  • Fire marshal application fees (external and hosted events)

  • Stage (rental fee including labor to install and take down)

  • Utility or TNS fees (when clearly related to use)

  • Equipment fees (e.g. audio-visual equipment, additional tables/chair as requested by user)

  • Floor covering (rental fee including labor to install gymnasium or stage floor coverings as required by facility)

  • Security and/or parking services

  • Hosting and/or technical support as required by facility, event or as requested by user

  • Additional support services above baseline levels (outside of normal service hours - overtime - or service exceeding routine levels - additional staff or equipment needed) - Refuse & Recycling, Grounds, Custodial, Distribution, Access/Locksmith

SERVICE FEES include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Administrative Fee - 10% of event costs

  • Cancellation Fee -Subject to terms of lease agreement

  • Damages - actual materials & labor costs

  • Excessive cleaning - 2 hour minimum ($50)


The University, in consultation with the UPD, reserves the right to require Community Service Officers and/ or private security for events dependent on factors such as: nature of event, duration of event, expected attendance, and/ or presence of alcohol. User is responsible for all direct staffing costs associated with the use of security. Users may make separate arrangements for security, pending UPD approval. 


Facilities Management (FM) provides basic custodial cleaning services in both the public and private access areas of our facilities. The User is responsible for reasonable cleanup of the facility after use of food, beverages, and/ or other materials. Cost recovery for excessive cleaning may be assessed if the facility and/ or its contents are left in a manner other than how it was provided to the User. Users shall also reimburse University for any and all costs to repair any damage to the University venue, property or equipment arising out of or connected with the facility use.