Below you will find a list of the Residential Policies & Guidelines

All guests staying in campus housing must abide by the Residential policies.
For more information you can also view the Res Life & You handbook pdf

Guest policies are subject to change at any time to conform to public health and university guidelines. Please note that guests other than the individuals currently registered with the event are currently not permitted due to the occupancy controls required by the University in the attempt to control the spread of Covid19. The restriction on guests and visitors in the personal residential spaces extends to all persons, including other on-campus residents. The restriction on guests and visitors in the common spaces of residential communities includes any individual who is not a member of that residential community.

In areas where guests are permitted, guests must be accompanied by the host resident at all times. Residents are responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests at all times. Violations of any Housing and Community Guidelines by guests may result in student conduct action against the hosting resident. Guests involved with violations of any Housing and Community Guidelines may be required to leave the residence halls and/or the Humboldt grounds. 

Residents may invite guests to stay overnight with them in their rooms, provided that all such guests are registered with the Conference Coordinator. Please register your guest as soon as possible on the date that they arrive and before the Desk closes. Sleeping in common/public areas (e.g., TV lounges) is not permitted under any circumstances.

Cohabitation – defined as the extended presence (daily or nightly) of any person in any room, suite or apartment who is not assigned a bed-space in that specific living area – is not permitted. If found in violation of this guideline, the host will be billed a nightly rate for the number of nights an unregistered guest has resided in the space. 

The Housing & Residence Life department reserves the right to restrict any non-resident guest from the residence halls at any time given reasonable cause as determined by a Housing staff member.