Below you will find a list of the Residential Policies & Guidelines

All guests staying in campus housing must abide by the Residential policies.
For more information you can also view the Res Life & You handbook pdf

Candles, incense, barbecues, torches and other such incendiary products (e.g., fire poi, tea light diffusers, etc.) are fire safety hazards and are prohibited inside of housing facilities. A resident found with any of these items in their possession will need to remove the item and will be subject to judicial action.

Public barbecue areas are stationed on the Canyon lawn, Cypress lawn, Creekview picnic areas, the Hill Quad, and at the College Creek patio area for use by residents and should only be used with charcoal briquettes. Burning of wood or any other substance in the barbecue is prohibited.

Flammable liquids such as lighter fluid, gasoline, and charcoal starter may not be stored in or adjacent to any facility but can be stored at the Housing Grounds shop by contacting the Grounds office at (707) 826-5514. You will need to leave a voicemail with your name, room number, the reason you are calling, and a contact number. The Lead Grounds worker will contact you to set up a time to place the items in storage. Access to stored items will be by appointment only. In order to access stored items after work hours, contact the Information Desk. Possession of a butane torch will result in removal from Housing on a first offense.