Below you will find a list of the Residential Policies & Guidelines

All guests staying in campus housing must abide by the Residential policies.
For more information you can also view the Res Life & You handbook pdf

Damage, destruction and vandalism are unacceptable. All members of a living area will be charged for damages, destruction, vandalism or loss of furnishings and equipment in common area facilities unless specific responsibility can be determined. To report responsibility for a damage charge, please talk to the info desk or the Conference Coordinator directly.

While Custodial, Maintenance, and Grounds staff have regular duties in maintaining a safe and clean living environment, residents have a responsibility for their environment as well. Excessive damage may pose an unsafe or unsanitary condition that must be addressed and disrupts staff's regular routines in the upkeep of facilities. Guests will be billed for damages, and the charges are inclusive of all costs, including the labor and materials. This may include time to gather materials or order parts, the actual cleaning and repair, returning equipment, storage of unused materials, disposal of refuse, and administrative time spent processing charges. Most damages are repaired in a timely fashion, although we may elect to postpone some repairs.

All charges are based on and will depend on the severity of the incident, the type of labor (student vs. professional), and the cost of materials.