Below you will find a list of the Residential Policies & Guidelines

All guests staying in campus housing must abide by the Residential policies.
For more information you can also view the Res Life & You handbook pdf

The Cal Poly Humboldt ResNet system connects workstations and computers at Cal Poly Humboldt. It also provides access to national and international computer networks. However, network connectivity requires that you understand the responsibilities of being a network user in order to protect the integrity of the system and the integrity of other users. Using the Humboldt ResNet is a privilege. The following policies are intended to help you use the Humboldt Residential Network responsibly.

You are NOT allowed to use your connection to:
  1. run a business or organization for profit or nonprofit purposes
  2. monitor data on the network by means of any monitoring or "sniffer" software
  3. provide a pass-through site to other campus hosts
  4. provide remote login on your computer for others than yourself
  5. transfer copyrighted materials to or from any system via ResNet without express consent of the owner
You will be disconnected from the network if you:
  1. use an IP address or port that is not assigned to you
  2. run any type of server that can interfere with others' ability to use ResNet (e.g. DHCP or DNS servers)
  3. modify or tamper with network services, wiring and ports in your room, this includes extending the network beyond the single network outlet (e.g Cable/DSL routers, hubs/switches, Wireless Base Stations)
  4. view, copy, alter or destroy any file or connect to a host on a network without explicit permission of the owner
  5. attempt to circumvent protection schemes or exercise security loopholes in any computer or network component

ResNet will disconnect any computer if it is found to contain viruses in order to protect the network and other users. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure their computer has current virus protection software installed and operational. The user's ResNet connection will be restored when it has been determined that the user's computer is completely free of viruses.

ResNet network is a shared resource. Use of applications that inhibit or interfere with the use of the network by others is not permitted. This includes applications that use unusually high portions of bandwidth for extended periods of time or causes someone else's computer on the network to malfunction. You are ultimately responsible for ALL the network activity to and from your assigned port and computer. These policies are in ADDITION to the University Acceptable Use Policy.

View the University Acceptable Use Policy »