Below you will find a list of the Residential Policies & Guidelines

All guests staying in campus housing must abide by the Residential policies.
For more information you can also view the Res Life & You handbook pdf

Appliances such as clocks, lamps, hair-dryers, computers, stereos, televisions and the like are permitted in rooms and public areas of the facilities, provided the resident ensures the following: appliances are UL-approved; the wiring of appliances is safe; appliances are turned off when not in use; and requests from other residents or staff regarding noise from appliances are respected.

Items such as electric coffee pots, small refrigerators (under 4 cubic feet) and microwaves are the only other appliances that may be used in rooms. Appliances such as electric frying pans, Coleman stoves, toaster ovens, full-sized refrigerators and any appliance with an exposed heating element are not permitted. The kitchens in each facility should be used for any cooking needs.

Space heaters and other such heat-producing appliances are fire safety hazards and are not permitted in the facilities at any time. Irons are heat producing and therefore considered a fire safety hazard. Irons are only permitted in laundry rooms.