Event Submission Timeline

Departmental/Club Meeting

Minimum Days to Submit: 10 Business days prior to event

Attendance: Department/Club members only

Low-Impact Events

These events require less advance notice when requesting. 

What is considered a low-impact event? Events fall under this label if they have less than 50 people, no physical activity, no cash or financial transactions, are a closed event, and do not take a lot of support from other campus departments. 

Minimum Days to Submit: 15 business days prior to event

Attendance: Less than 50 (less than 20 for COVID-19 Restrictions)


  • Closed Event
  • No physical activity
  • No cash or financial transactions
  • Does not take a lot of support from other campus departments

High-Impact Events

These events require more notice because of their risk factors. They must go through multiple phases of review and approval with Risk Management, UPD, FM, and the events office, among others. The review process extends the amount of time needed. 

What is considered a high-impact event? High impact events are any events that have these things present: Food or drink, cash transactions, minors present, alcohol, has any sort of cash or financial  transaction, ceremonial smoke, community members in attendance, off campus, evening/weekend/overnight events, over 50 people, a space utilized for a purpose not intended. 

Minimum Days to Submit: 21 business days prior to event

Attendance: More than 50 (More than 20 during COVID-19 Restrictions)


  • Alcohol permits take a minimum 6 weeks for approval
  • Facilities requests take at least 2 weeks for limited facilities needs
  • Additional securities at least 21 business days lead time and may incur additional costs