Staff/Faculty/Department Planning

Are you hosting an online event?

How to add an online event

Answer the following questions

  1. Who is paying the associated costs?
  2. What is happening at the event?
  3. Who is hosting/ Supervising/ Physically present at the event

Below is a list of the steps to ensure your campus event is successful:

  1. Submit Event in 25Live
    • Requests will be approved by the space Coordinator.
  2. Submit a Facilities Request
  3. Notify Risk Management for High Impact Events
    • High Impact Events include
      • Minors are present
      • Alcohol is present
      • Food at event
      • A space is utilized for a purpose that it was not intended
      • Ceremonial Smoke
      • Attendance over 50 people
      • Off campus
      • Community members in attendance
      • Evening & Weekend Events
      • Over-nights - may require travel authorization
  4. Notify SFS for any events involving cash or cash equivalents
  5. Notify Advancement for any fundraisers
  6. Vendors/ Paid Guest Lecturers

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the Conference & Events coordinator at