Parking regulations are enforced during the summer conference season, just as they are during the fall and spring semesters.

Parking permits are available for purchase at the Parking Office & Kiosks, and the Housing Cashier. Arrangements can be made with the Conference Coordinator to secure a block of permits for the group to distribute at their own location.

Guests may park in any General parking lot. Permits purchased from the Housing Cashier will be stamped "Conference Guest" and this will enable guests to park in any Residence parking lot as well. The Jolly Giant Commons parking lot is ideal for groups staying in the Canyon and Cypress halls. For groups staying in Redwood or Sunset Halls, there is limited parking behind Sunset Hall. We ask that those who can to park in the Jolly Giant Commons lot after they drop off their luggage and take the elevators or stairs back up the their residence hall to enable less mobile guests to park in the Sunset Hill parking lot. The Creekview apartments have their own parking lot.

"Conference Guest" marked parking permits are not valid in Staff parking lots or at the meters. Parking citations are issued for violations.

Should a guest receive a parking citation and elect to appeal it, citation review forms are available at the Conference Desk.

A weekly permit sells for $17.50 and a daily permit sells for $3.50. Permits are not required on the weekends.

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