Student Clubs & Organizations Planning

Are you a student living on campus and interested in hosting an event in the Residence Halls?

If so, you need to talk with your Resident Advisor, Activities SA, or Area Council to schedule an event.

Resident Events

Are you a student club or organization interested in having an event on campus, or using a campus facility? See the questions and guidelines listed below for the Student events process.

Answer the following questions before inquiring:

  1. Who is paying the associated costs?
  2. What is happening at the event?
  3. Who is hosting/ Supervising/ Physically present at the event?

Once you have established the above, start the process to reserve your space and inform Campus of your plans.

Student Club/Organization wants to host an event

  1. Submit request room reservation in 25Live.
    • Requests will be approved by the space Coordinator.
  2. Submit an Event through Presence
    • Office of Student Life reviews for club activity.

If an event is approved at the Office of Student Life, the following must happen, with OSL assistance.

  1. Facilities request/ work order
    • Student must submit facilities form
    • Facilities will comment in Presence.
  2. If Club is handling Cash/ fundraising/payment for vendor/speaker
    • Approval must be obtained from the Student Club Financial Services.
    • Notify Advancement for Fundraising
    • Cash Handling training is required if applicable.
  3. If the event is to take place on a weekend, night or other campus closure
    • Notify UPD
  4. If there will be food/beverages served/provided/sold at the event
    • Events with Off-campus vendors present require prior notification and approval from Student Club Financial Services. The Vendor must have a completed STD 204 & insurance on file to be an approved vendor.
  5. If the students will be handling food/beverages
    • Must complete a Food Permit training/certification.
    • Office of Student Life reviews/approves/ads student to training course
    • Risk Reviews/approved food handling
  6. If the event is considered a “High Impact” event
    • High Impact Events include
      • Minors are present
      • Alcohol is present
      • Food at event
      • A space is utilized for a purpose that it was not intended
      • Ceremonial Smoke
      • Attendance over 50 people
      • Off campus
      • Community members in attendance
      • Evening & Weekend Events
    • Risk Management is notified and must approve
      • May determine if the event needs to go before the events working group